Welcome to Rogo Music

Amplifying our writer’s works to be heard above the noise.

We are a new, independent music publisher based in the heart of Soho, London. We believe music is one of the most powerful methods of emotional communication human beings have. As Darwin said, “Our ancestors sung love songs to each other before we could speak articulate language”. There are few things as special as enjoying a great song with others –  listening to music is one of life’s greatest freedoms and a joy we should express at full volume.

The rapid development of musical instruments and sonic reproduction in the past two hundred years has created an unstoppable cultural phenomenon. Music has broken out of the confines of the concert hall and into every part of our lives – it acts as our personal soundtrack.

At the turn of the millennium, the music industry faced a technological revolution that led to a major loss of income for everyone involved. And now, almost two decades later, music is everywhere and can be accessed and released by anyone. Spotify adds more than thirty-five thousand new releases every day and YouTube, five hundred hours of new content a minute. Services like YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Beatport and Tidal allow the world’s more than two billion smart phone users to listen to almost any music ever recorded, instantaneously.

But this revolution comes at a price. How can musicians and composers attract new listeners and be properly rewarded for their work? That’s where we come in – we will make sure our writers are properly paid for the work they do. We are starting with a few highly talented writers who we truly believe in and we promise we will only grow at a rate that won’t compromise the service we offer.


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